December 8, 2012

Hanging Santa Pictures

Displaying Santa Pictures
My favorite thing to get out every Christmas...our Santa Pictures. 
They are Priceless! 
 I love them all, from the crying ones, the happy ones
and the "why does she make us do this" ones.
I just had to take the time  this morning to share this little idea of how I have
displayed our wonderful family Santa memories each year.
                        All you need is hole punch and some wired ribbin. The first one (top one) make two hole punches about 1 1/2 apart at the top.  ( I just eye it!) 
That is where you add your bow for the top. 
Oh, and I just cut that front part of the card off that they come in
To add a new one each year, I just make two holes at the bottom
of the last year and two holes at the top of the new picture. 
Just tie them together with your ribbin.
And remember these pictures are memories.  So don't try and get the perfect picture. 
The ones that my kids are crying or frowning in are some of the best ones.

 My children are 16, 14 and 12 now! 
And I haven't had to picture for several years now.  :(
The best Christmas gift they could give me this year is a picture
of them with Santa to add to the wall!